Our brand new designed chair collection 2019 will hits the Scandinavian stores during the fall. It has been a long journey, but we are very proud of the end result and the great reception it have recieved so far.


This spring, we had the honor of being able to reveal our greatest news for 2019 – Kristensen Chairs. This brand new chair collection consists of 5 chairs, all designed by some of the most talented designers from scandinavia. The designers behind these chairs consists of both new and award-winning talents, to a deceased acquaintance, whose furniture still lives on.

It has long been our dream to be able to offer our customers the “whole package” in the form of a complete dining room, so we naturally have great expectations for these new products. Although we have many years of experience in the production of solid wood furniture, a production and launch of this size is nevertheless new to us. Therefore we have, though the whole process, collaborated with our good colleague, Michael Kvist from Kvist IPR – where he acts as a link between designers and manufacturers. It has been a long and extensive project, where we have gained a lot of experience. Throughout the project, we have had a really good dialogue with both the producers and the designers.

On the opening day at IMM Cologne 2019 we were of course very excited about how our customers would receive them. However, we were completely overwhelmed by the great interest and all the great and positive feedback we have received on and after the fair.



The designers:

Poul M. Volther (SAKS chair)

Steffensen & Würtz (RAM chair)

Tom Stepp (CLIP chair)

Mia Lagerman (METRO chair)

Studio NUR (VEIFA chair)