Kristensen & Kristensen have been voted among the top 1,000


With the newly established business prize “Successvirksomhed” 2019, Spar Nord and BDO honor the 1,000 Danish companies with 5-1,000 employees who stand out by creating growth year after year.

The aim of the award is to create a focus on the companies that ensure prosperity in the local and national economy. In order to be nominated for the “Successvirksomhed” award you must at least be able to present:
– Growth in profit before tax every year for the past 5 years
– Solvency ratio over 15% in the last financial year
– Growth in equity measured over the past 5 years
As well as the ability to create results with the given capital base.

Director of Kristensen & Kristensen, Mikael Uhd Christensen, explains that, among other things, the award has come on the basis of a greater focus on customer value creation and thanks to a strong team effort throughout the organization.

The award as “Success Business 2019” comes in the wake of the “Gazelle Prize” which Kristensen & Kristensen won in 2016.